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Charlie Bears

Charlie Bear - Houston

Charlie Bear - Houston

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Part of the Bearhouse Collection features a number of endangered species characters and Houston is one of them. Houston is an amazing, 19" plush shoebill stork (also known as a whale-headed stork) in blue-grey and slate grey tones. Sadly, these magnificent, prehistoric-looking birds are at risk of extinction, with less than 5,000 thought to be alive in the wild today. Several different plush fabrics have been used to create Houston: a super soft short pile for his head and body, and a longer pile for his wings and the crest on the back of his head. He also has scraggly fur with a crimped effect on his chest and wings. He has an orange beak, expressive blue eyes, and the fluffiest wings. He wears a pink organza neck bow. He is non-jointed, machine washable, and recommended for collectors aged 18 months and above.
If you like Houston, you might also want to consider his friends Australia, Berlin, Chester, Edinburgh, London, Melbourne, Perth, San Diego, and Sydney, who have also been named after world-famous zoos!


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