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Charlie Bears

Charlie Bear - Nod

Charlie Bear - Nod

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Nod is a neatly dressed in a (removable) tiger costume. He is made of a mottled, dark grey and brown plush fabric and has a brown hand-embroidered nose and small black eyes. His costume is an orange romper with black stripes and a white chest, round tiger ears, and a long tail. Longer white fur on the sides of the hood frame his adorable face. Nod has brown claw stitching on his fore-paws; his rear paws are flat so that he can stand unaided.

If you like Nod, you might also want to consider his friends Cat Nap, Jumpsuit, Onesie, Pantaloon, Romper, Snooze, and Sweet Dreams.

Recommended for ages 3 years +

Bear height: 41cm/16in/14 Bear Paws

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