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Charlie Bears

Charlie Bear - Stompy

Charlie Bear - Stompy

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This character is in the Bearhouse Collection its inspired by animals which are now extinct. However, they have left their pawprints or stomp marks across time. During the Pleistocene period, woolly rhinos roamed the earth. Stompy is a stunning, 14.5" plush woolly rhino in shades of brown with lots of cream tipping. This thick longer plush has been used for his head, framing his face, and on his body and the upper part of his limbs. A short pile mottled plush in grey and beige tones has been used to create his gorgeous face and the lower part of his "wrinkled" limbs.

Bear Height: 37cm/ 14.5"/ 12 Bear Paws.

Recommended for ages over 18 months. 

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